What’s up! I'm Paul Mond, I'm  from Germany, and I make music whenever I can. I currently live in a town called Offenbach which is right next to Frankfurt.

How did you get started with music, and what are some of your biggest inspirations?

Oh boy. I actually started out as a metalhead and played in bands since I was like 15 years old. I still love the rebellious energy of hardcore & metal music, just switched up the sound a little bit.

"It's flip season" that's your go to sentence... and your flips are really some of the best ones out there. Even though you're from Germany, what inspired you to get into Brazilian music like your “Baile” and “Samba” flips? And have you ever been to Brazil?

It's Flip Season for sure and thank you for the love! Well, I'm more of an internet kid than I am into German culture. I always loved to dive deep into the suggested video section of Youtube and just listen to the music and things other places are doing. I was really feeling Brazilian vibes and for a while, i just stuck with it. It's actually freaking dope that a lot of people from Brazil listen to my music. They kind of give me the approval to do this type of music you know? And no, I haven’t been to Brazil yet!

You're a great musician and producer, and your music is getting more and more attention lately, what are some of the things you have planned for your career going forward? Any "big dreams" that you hope to achieve?

I'm a big dreamer and I'll probably make music until I die… so let's see how far I can get. Sky's the limit you know! If  you’re looking for anything specific: I really want to play main stage at Coachella at some point in my career.

You're videos on instagram of you producing these remixes are so simple, and it makes it look easy to do what you do.. in reality how long do some of these flips take you?

Thanks g! It doesn't take me that long, but it took me a few years to get to the level where I’m at today. Now I can easily produce a beat, make a video and post it on instagram within the time span of a day.

What can we expect from "Flip Season 2"?

It's quite different from the first Flip Season. I got a bit  stuck in the acoustic guitar type sound I did for a while, so I
decided to switch up and focus on the bounce, basslines and drums. People REALLY fuck with it so that kinda of sound is all over
Flip Season 2. All the full versions of the tracks that I’ve been posting on Instagram lately will be included in Flip Season 2.

Dj's: go get it and spice your sets up. Trust me fam, it works!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, and share a little bit about your journey, we look forward to seeing what you got in store!

The big goal at the moment is original music. All the people that listen to my tracks really deserve to be able to bump my tunes on Spotify and Apple music. I'm kind of spontaneous about it though, because that's how the best music gets done in my opinion. let's see what 2020 has in store for me and for you guys!

Thank you for reaching out to me man, really enjoyed talking to you. Stay safe my g’s.

Check out Paul Mond’s Instagram and SoundCloud for more!