Agustin Mica, 32 years old, I’ve been working with content creation for 10 years now. I was born in Argentina, but when I was very young I moved to Balneário Camboriú and settled there with my family, today I live at Brava Beach.

How did you start, and why did you choose audiovisual?

I started making surf videos with my friends, and soon after that I was making videos of everything I saw in front of me including my mom's cats and posting everything on the internet. One day an advertising agency asked me if I wanted to produce a fashion film for a clothing brand, I said yes, after that I never stopped. Today I have established myself in the fashion area but I also produce films for companies in different fields.

Most of your work consists of short films for fashion campaigns, but in your free time you always try to produce very different content. Whether in California with friends, or at home with your brother. What kind of project would you like to develop that you haven't had the opportunity to work on yet?

Yes, my brother is a very creative person, always with some very unusual ideas, he and I have been getting together and talking about doing some different things, even if they are projects that never come out. But I would definitely like to produce a short film as soon as possible.

For many people, it’s essential to be in a big city for this type of work. How did you manage to establish yourself in the market even though you are not in one of these big cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro?

I heard people saying that a few times: “why don't you live in São Paulo? You would work a lot more! ”. Maybe, but with all these years of work I managed to establish my space in the market here in Santa Catarina and today I have a great relationship with my clients. In addition, it’s now increasingly easier to catch a plane in the morning, fly to one of these cities, work, and still be able to sleep at home again, today everything is more connected.

Knowing how much you like to surf, have you ever considered venturing into creating content for this type of market?

I like surfing so much that when I go surfing I don't even want to shoot, I just want to get in the water. I prefer to keep it as a hobby and dedicate that time surfing for myself.

@motor_homeless is a project with the intent of bringing together a group of friends, photographers, skaters and filmmakers traveling through California in a motor home, how did the Desert Daze project happen and  how did this project turn out?

Motor Homeless is like a second home for some friends who usually go to California, and the idea is to live in the motor home in Venice Beach. Surf, skate, go to music festivals and always take the camera to record all these moments. That’s how the idea for Desert Daze came about, a festival that takes place in the middle of the desert, with many well-known and ascendant bands playing rock, indie, pop, among other diverse music styles.

We set up the route we were going to follow, with a few stops along the way, to skate in the famous ditches that you find in the middle of the desert or to play golf at sunset.

Arriving at the festival, the idea was to leave my camera mounted on the bed of the motorhome and there was only one rule: We all had to take the camera and record at some point, that way we would have images of everyone when the time to edit the video came around, and nobody was overwhelmed with the responsibility of always recording.

So we went out to see the shows with the equipment in hand and took turns all the time. The tricky thing is that we really wanted to enjoy the shows, so nobody wanted to have the camera in the middle of the crowd, because it’s a lot of responsibility to be with the equipment in an environment with lots of sand and people. But in the end we all worked hard and managed to make some really cool images of the whole environment and the shows.

It wasn’t very difficult to get cool images in that awesome setting. So when I came back to Brazil I had a lot of footage to edit and the film ended up coming out naturally.

What are your biggest inspirations?

Gordon Von Steiner, Jacquemus, Brain Farm, Ty Evans, and I love watching movies by Tarantino and David Lynch.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us a little bit about your journey and your work. Hopefully we get the chance to catch up on your work again soon!