Frederico Stauffer, 28, born and raised in Brazil, moved to France when he was 14 years old due to his dad’s military job. Once he was 25 he decided to move to Paris on his own to be closer to job opportunities. Even though he works with photo and video,Fred considerers himself a photographer and believes that, at least for him, photography is the basis of everything he does. 

When asked if he believes living in France for most of his life influenced his work, he said he believed living in multiple places during his life helped him adapt, and that’s why he learned how to enjoy multiple styles of photography and content creation.

In Rio there’s a collective I follow since they first started called I Hate Flash. It was through their work that I discovered double exposure. My first attempts at double exposure were with landscape photography, and I was really pleased with the results. It’s been 7 years since I started developing this technique, and I’m extremely picky with my work.. but as time goes by, and with a lot of trial and error I have improved my technique a lot. I always look for perfect symmetry and preferably sunrise or sunset light.

What project has challenged you the most so far?

One of the hardest projects I had to put together was to film a digital campaign for a French clothing brand called Jennyfer. I had to film 11 girls, having 30 minutes with each model, no assistant, and to top it off it was one of the hottest days of the year. I remember it was a day where I had no time for a break, I was running around all day. I wrote the script for the 11 videos as well as directed the girls while I was filming. It was intense, but worth it.

Even with all the fancy equipment available out there, one of the trends today is film photography.. what do you think the next trend will be as far as content creation goes?

I don’t think I have any predictions for the next trend. However I think the movement of people going back to film photography shows the trend is actually going back to the essence of content creation. And as far as film photography, I think is something we really need to support, and appreciate more. We can’t let film die out.