Thalita (26 years old) and Gabriela (25 years old) are from Maringá and have lived in Curitiba for 8 years. They are content creators and produce all kinds of visual work: video, photo, gif’s, illustration and design. They explore themes such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, among others - and they have a passion for telling stories and surprising people with the formats they created in.

Your style from colors, ideas and concepts are very different from the "normal". What are some of your references and inspirations?

Our references come from many places, in our day to day when we are not producing we are consuming movies, videos, music and researching new things.

Some of the sources come from sites like: Vimeo, Behance and Pinterest. But also from filmmakers like Agnes Varda, Wes Anderson, Fellini, Ozu and Jacques Tati. We can also mention some content creators: Kastor and Pollux, Rainha da Cocada, The Line Up, To The 9s, etc.

The secret is to have more than one reference and inspiration when creating your own content, so you are far from plagiarizing something that was supposed to be just a reference.

What is the coolest project you have ever produced and why?

It’s difficult for us to rank things, but we think the most special up until now was "Discovering Two Lost Kids". It was a project that we spent a lot of time, mainly in the construction of the script. So, when it was ready, we were very proud of the result. It is our closest project to a short film and we want to do more projects in this format.

And which one was the most challenging project?

The most challenging ones were the stop-motion projects made for Banco Next and Magazine Luiza. For Banco Next we created a video talking about women in technology, published on Women's day and for Magazine Luiza a video for Pink October, teaching how to do breast self-examination. They were both challenging because as we work at home and we don’t have lighting equipment or tripods suitable for taking shots from above (we’re used to finding a quick fix at home), however when you’re at the studio things are a little different, but we really liked the end result, making animation is very magical and rewarding.

Working with someone can be difficult for some people. You guys seem to always be in tune! In each project, who’s responsible for what? Or is all a group effort?

It’s always a group effort - haha. All of our content is 100% made by us, so we can keep everything with our own identity and feel. We have a certain way of dividing things that is not always followed, Thali is more responsible for photography and editing, and Gabi for design and illustrations, but in general we do everything together.

Do you have a dream project that you still want to bring to life?

We have some projects in the drawer that we dream of one day doing. One of them is a travel content project in Japan. We have always dreamed of visiting Japan and our origins, and we also love making travel videos, this project would bring together two dreams. Too bad that in the current situation  this project will have to wait.

The name Two Lost Kids is really cool, why did you choose that name and where did the idea come from?

We are two children lost in the world trying to find each other. The name also comes from the literal sense, we get lost a lot when we travel and we like it, we never have an itinerary, we try to travel as freely as possible, that's when we find the coolest places.

What are some of your equipment, and what does your set up look like?

We have 2 Sony cameras, a7iii and a6500. 35mm 2.8 and 28mm 2.0 lenses. We also have 2 gimbals, the Zhyun Crane and the Moza Aircross 2. Generally, we use natural light and fabric and cardboard backgrounds.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! We’re excited to see what you’re going to create next!